2020- 2021



Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer

Willie Crocker - Bimbo Bakeries USA


Vice Chairperson

Dave Grosse - the Performance Group, So CA



Rick Stevenson - Torani



Shelly Trickel - Ventura Foods


Mary Crocker - Dean Foods - Scholarship Vice Chair

Dave Dimond - Milton’s Craft Bakers

Heather DeLuca - National Entertainment Network

Glen Roeper - Popcornopolis

Michael Ajemian - Barilla America

Gary Pogue - Retired

Geoff Haskins - Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.


Vic Chiono - The Coca-Cola Company/MMBU

Bob Kelly - Hidden Villa Ranch

Mickie Sharp-Villanueva - the Performance Group So. CA


The IEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the grocery industry through the California Grocers Association and Western Association of Food Chains.  llluminators Educational Foundation is proud to offer this scholarship program to the most qualified and deserving high school senior and college student (with one or more years of undergradu-ate work remaining) in the name of the founding officers of Illuminators Educational Foundation. This scholarship program is endorsed by the following individuals and organizations:

Ms. Carole Christianson, WAFC COO

Mr. Ronald Fong, CGA President


Illuminators Education Foundation provides college scholarships to further the education of members and their families of Illuminators, Western Association of Food Chains and the California Grocers Association.


Meeting Agenda

September 20, 1928

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA


Nathan Danziger, of the San Francisco Call, presented a plan of need, for an organization to assist at gatherings of the grocers to handle all “Entertainment” programs.


Participants in attendance:

Mr. Pidwell & Beresford of the Fluffo Company

Mr. Griffin, Western Sugar Company

Mr. Malmberg, Fleischmann Yeast Company

Mr. Nusser, American Biscuit Company

Mr. Love, MJB Coffee Company

Mr. Hadeler, CA Retail Grocers and Merchants Assoc


The idea was presented and met with instant success. The

name “Illuminators”  was adopted because it was synonymous

with “Spreading the light of good fellowship”.


Mr. Pidwell and Danziger were elected as a committee to

write the Constitution and By-Laws and present them to

the CA Grocers and Merchants Association at the

Mission Inn, Riverside, CA on September 24 through the 26th,



At 12:15 pm on September 24th, a general meeting of

manufacturers, representatives and salesmen was called

at the Mission Inn and were addressed with the entire idea.

The Constitution and By-Laws were presented . . .


The motion was accepted and passed!



The 1st Illuminator Officers and Board of Directors


• Headlite - Walter J. Malmberg – Fleischmann Yeast

• Rite Sidelite - Dumont M. Hirsch – Pacific Coast Biscuit

• Left Sidelite - O.L. Griffin – Western Sugar Company

• Spotlite - W.J. Lacey – M.J.B. Coffee

• Tailite - Nathan Danziger – San Francisco Call



• A.R. Bradford –San Juaquin Baking Co.

• Warner M. O’Brien – Morris & Co.

• George W. Morrow – Bordon Sales Co.

• Robert Law – Puritas Coffee & Tea Co.

 • Robert Nusser – American Biscuit Co.


Dumont Hirsch was then named chairman of the nominating

committee. Appointed to assist him were Malmberg, Boyle,

Lacey and Danziger.


September 25, 1928 – Nominations and Acceptance

of the 1st Illuminators Board as presented.







The newly elected Officers & Board accepted their positions and continued with the first meeting of the Illuminators.


Approximately 40 Members signed the roll/roster

The meeting adjourned, to meet again at the next state function


The Illuminators later partnered with the WAFC in 1946

87 years supporting and partnering with the CGA

69 years supporting and partnering with the WAFC


1980 – 1985

Many Opposed to offering scholarships due to the original

 purpose of supplying the “Entertainment” only.



Heated discussions continued throughout the years to

approve the scholarship program . . . one Officer who was

highly opposed, missed a Board meeting in 1985.

The motion was represented at that meeting and accepted

by all. Thusly, the first Illuminator scholarship was approved

and graciously donated in the amount of $500 by Dimmed

Headlite, Ray Keefer (1968 Headlite).



Members later agreed to donate $25 annually to start

the building the fund. The first $25 was offered by Hal Adams, Headlite 1992!


Scholarships Awarded . . .

1985 through 1988 – ONE scholarship was awarded

Annually at $500 each year

1989 through 1994 – two scholarships were awarded

1995 – three scholarships were awarded, etc, etc . . .


2015 Scholarships

Total dollars awarded in 2015 = $103,500

45 Individual Scholarships to Students this year!


2016 Scholarships Awarded

Total dollars awarded in 2016 = $130,000


2017 Scholarships to be Awarded

Total dollars to be awarded in 2017 = $135,000


2018 Scholarships to be Awarded

Total dollars to be awarded in 2017 = $136,000


2019 Scholarships to be Awarded

Total dollars to be awarded in 2017 = $152,500


2020 Scholarships to be Awarded

Total dollars to be awarded in 2017 = $147,500


Total scholarships awarded through 2020